Ikatan collection
Baju Raya For Your Phone

Inspired by the Malay term "Ikatan," meaning bond or knot, symbolizing the essence of Eid celebrations.This collection embodies the spirit of strengthening bonds with family and friends during this joyous occasion.

Ikatan Collection

Baju Raya for your phone!
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Be Uniquely You

Formerly known as Casesbywf. We are now Loucase. Pronounced as loo-kase. Derived from a Malay word "Lukis" which means "Draw" as we challenge the status quo designing tech accessories with true artist spirit through visual story-telling.

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Something to pair with your Baju Raya

Why choose Loucase?

Curated Designs

Every piece was inspired through our love of colour, collage, pop culture and weird stuff, we create bold and original designs, keeping up with trends but also creating our own.

Proudly Malaysian

We are Malaysian based designers & makers of stylish tech accessories, with simple aim of creating unique exquisite designs on phone cases.

Uniquely You

At Loucase, we encourage you to self-express yourself and be proud of who you are. Every design is unique and one-of-a-kind to let your individuality shine through.

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